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10 craft whole leaf teas (25g each

50 sampler sets only!

$49.99 inc.shipping to any destination worldwide!



Kuwapani tea estate boasts tea gardens at the elevation of 1,800 meters, making it one of the highest tea estates in the world. Gently hand-picked, lightly oxidised and hand-rolled, this tea is a true pleasure to drink straight.


*Part of the profit from sales of our Nepali teas goes to support victims of 2015 Nepali earthquake.


Floral and Herbal at the same time, a beautiful hand-picked and hand-rolled spring red tea of light fermentation and roasting

Guranse estate produces some of finest teas in Nepal, moreover, it is not only organic certified, but also displays good amount of social responsibility, taking care of employee’s kids education and so on.


*Part of the profit from sales of our Nepali teas goes to support victims of 2015 Nepali earthquake.



Yame city in south Fukuoka is Japan’s famous premium tea producing region. Our producer, Harashima-san, has plantations on highest elevations in the area, in the outskirts of Yabe village, the most mountainous area in Yame. His sencha (green tea) harvested from plots that are covered with snow in winter, is full of potential and can be aged up to 1-3 years for mellow, rounded taste and perfect balance of sweetness, umami, tannins and aroma.


  This is a small "pearl" sized cha tou.  Lots of flavor and small enough to allow the water to into it.

  Spring flush of 2009 initially - 7 years of aging! This means it has lost it's "dui wei" (negative fermentation aroma) and become sweet, thick, fruity and viscous.

  Being from Menghai this means it's from high quality material and more importantly fermented at a Menghai tea factory that specializes in Ripe Pu-erh tea!


  Beautiful combination of jasmine flowers (certified organic by Swiss IMAO) from Guangxi autonomous region and spring harvest green tea  (certified organic by Swiss IMAO) from Jiangsu province - a region famous for Bi Lo Chun and other premium green teas.

  Packed with floral aroma which is not overwhelming but instead bvalanced by high quality leaf material.


  Though most people “think green” when it comes to Japanese tea, red tea has been produced and sent to Europe and Middle East from Japan since Meiji era.

Nowadays, “Japanese red” is produced around the country.

 Our “Yame Red*” is produced by a tea farmer from Yame area of Fukuoka, Harashima-san, who studied red tea production in Taiwan. From the shape of tea leaves to taste and aroma, this tea stands firm as an example of new level “Japanese Red”, and we are proud to bring it to Your attention.


Yunnan red in with great quality/price ratio! 

Produced by a family-run tea factory by classic Dian Hong (Yunnan Red) recipe from original Yunnan varietal.

Sweet and malty flavour with thick mouthfeel, full-bodied tea with long finish.

Perfect for chilly morning or to get some energy in the afternoon!


  From the land of rocky Wuyi mountains in Fujian, famous for oolong teas. Spring 2015 flush, hand-picked and fermented to perfection.

 A dark red brew with spicy and fruity aroma and complex taste that reminds of noble oolongs. 

 A nice substitute for red wine if You don't feel like drinking alcohol, but want to enjoy some food pairing.


  Another entry from our oolong family! Sweet & floral tea from Phoenix mountains in GuangDong province - perhaps the oldest oolong production area! Being aged for more than 2 years in perfect condition, it displays excellent mellowness of taste and balance of flavours.

A very warming tea, perfect for morning brew. Can be enjoyed with food and boosts digestion. Not to say it's a good cure for hangover:)!

  DA HONG PAO 2014


  Sourced from Tong Mu Guan village in the UNESCO world heritage area of Wuyi mountains - the birthplace of most expensive teas in the world! Trees are cultivated under conditions close to wilderness - the material is full of potential and can be aged for long!

  A very smooth example of Da Hong Pao with warm roasted notes of nuts and bread; fruity nuanses of dried apricots and figs.

  A truly pleasent afternoon brew

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