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First magazine feature!

Thanks to Mono magazine and Nobuhiko Mabuchi for an opportunity to share our love for craft tea!

Many think of European tea tradition when they hear “Black Tea”, Here in the Far East, it is known as Red tea instead.

Red tea is a fairly modern tea recipe created in Fujian province in order to cope with rapidly growing demand for tea in Great Britain in mid-18th century. It is fascinating how it quickly it became the most commercially successful commodity of the era and even contributing to the break out of Opium Wars some one hundred years later.

Red tea entered a new era in 1860s, when tea plant was introduced to India (and Nepal), and to Sri Lanka (aka Ceylon) in 1890s. It was an era of mass production, which quickly brought it to the fame of most popular drink in the world.

We would like to show You the craft side of red tea. Our artisanal selection features leaves from rocks of Fujian, jungles of Yunnan, valleys of Ilam (Nepal) and misty hills of Yame (Japan).

We welcome You to the world of quality craft teas - the world1 so captivating we are sure it’s worth to stack in!))

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