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Our Tea and Washoku in Shibuya

Mission to spread good tea in good restaurants prove that food pairing is not only about wines but also teas. And that you can pick the right tea for any dish.

Now you can try out combination of our select teas with traditional japanese dishes at Umebachee - just in 8 minutes walk from Shibuya st... and even buy a pack to take home!

5 teas selected by owner, sake and food culture enthusiast Ume-san are available now, and tea carte will drift with the seasons and dishes by Chef Takashi.

Selection for early spring is:

AILAO High mountain red - spring 2015 harvest, deep red tea with notes of cheery and cloves.

YUNNAN GOLD - autumn 2015 harvest, tender buds of golden amber color - sweet and malty.

PHOENIX OOLONG - spring 2013 harvest, a warming elixir packed with peach and floral notes.

LAO CHA TOH - spring 2009 harvest, aged pu-erh buds with clear and deep taste.

JASMINE ORGANIC - autumn 2015 harvest, light and highly aromatic green tea, soft and fresh.

Email umebachee(@) for reservation!

We can also arrange a resevation for You - contact us!

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