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Green tea: health-benefits | 緑茶と健康

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- 春先に茶樹が冬眠から覚め伸びてくる一番芽は最も沢山のポリフェノール(茶カテキン)を含んでおり、その中でも最たる効果を表すEGCG(エピガロカテキン3-ガラート)というカテキンを多く含みます。EPCGは色々あるカテキン類の中で抗酸化作用がもっとも高いタイプのポリフェノールです。これにより、血中の脂質の酸化も抑えられ、心臓病の発症リスクが低減される研究結果も出ております。

- 特に煎茶にはお茶特有のアミノ酸である『テアニン』が豊富に含まれています。テアニンは近年の研究で抗ストレス作用、免疫増強作用、集中力向上作用が注目されています。

- テアニンが豊富な茶葉にはほぼもれなくカフェインも沢山含まれており、午前中〜日中の飲用には眠気覚しや集中力向上効果があり最適ですが、夕方以降の飲用は人によっては寝つきが悪くなる可能性があります。

- 東洋医学的観点からは、緑茶(特に蒸製煎茶)は陰性が強く、ほてりや喉の渇き、胸焼けが起きやすい陽性・暑がりの体質には向きますが、冷え性の陰性の体質には向きません。この場合は同じ緑茶でも釜炒り茶の方が良いとされています。


- EPCGを含むカテキン類は乾燥茶葉では酸化に強いが、一旦水に溶けたら数時間以内に酸化・変質してしまう。

- 暖かいお茶は消化器官を適度に刺激し、効率的に吸収される。



Health benefits of tea are widely studied all over the world. In this entry, we'll try to sum up what effects may be expected from consumption of quality green tea.

"Quality" is, in fact, the most important keyword here.

When we at Far East Grocery Tokyo speak of tea, we mean whole leaf tea grown in natural environment and processed, aged and infused with all the due care.

Broken leaves are prone to oxidation stress, which changes the nature of the leaf.

So, let us try to short-list health benefits of green tea..

- An american study revealed that regular consumption of green tea decreases risk of osteoporosis.

- Tea buds and young leaves typically used to make green tea contain highest amounts of tea polyphenols - catechins. Catechins are main anti-oxidants in tea, and the are the reason why drinking green tea is especially good for reducing risk of cardiovascular deseases.

- If You are trying to burn some fat, consumption of green tea stimulates exercises-induced loss of abdominal fat.

- Theanine, the aminoacid found in abundancy in tea leaves, is believed to pocess anti-stress ability, reinforces immune system and helps inprove mental focus in synergy with caffeine.

- Rich in caffeine, which improves focus, but be careful when drinking after 6pm (and planning to go to sleep before 3am).

- In traditional Chinese and Japanese medicines, green tea is known to be a strong cooling agent. If You feel weak to cold weather, wind, prone to catch cold, than You'd be better off drinking thoroughly fermented and roasted teas like reds or oolongs.

It is important to note that catechines diffused in water are very weak to oxidation and turn into different substances within half an hour when tea is brewed. Such a simple thing as drinking freshly brewed whole leaf green tea is essential to enjoy it's benefits (and great flavours and aromas!) - that's the essence of our tea concept, why we think we are responsible to choose those teas that we would ourselves gladly drink everyday.

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